Company Profile
  • We here by give a brief write up about our organizaton, product & services.
  • We are part of Cavalier group having 2 decades of experience in exceptional service in advancing security and risk management. A company with nation wide network. Major branches are located at all strategic location covering the entire country and top class professoinals providing world class services. A unique organization first of its kind in India.
  • We are Security and safety professionals with experience in providing security and safety solutions to corporate, Govt. and Semi Government organizations. Presently we have contracts with Public, private sector organizations and MNC's of repute.
  • The company has many divisions and various support system which help each division to excel in the given role. For Cavalier India Training & Consulting Pvt Ltd., the support Services are done by our other division for example our training Division Cavalier India is the training division of our organization imparting various kinds of training including Security & Risk management for the past 2 decades. Besides conducting training for Civil Clients the organization is approved by the following ministries to carry out training. They are as follows :
    • Min of Labour Govt. of India – All modules of Security, Safety and fire protection.
    • Min of Defence Govt. of India – Security & Fire protection management training for Defence officers and Jawans of Army, Navy & Air Force have trained over 2000 officers and PBOR during the span of last 18 years.
    • Planning commission Govt. of India for UIDAI Scheme as approved training body.


Our Security personnel before deployment under go professional training at our state of the art training facility and then they are deployed. Our training is advance level training for security personnel to be deployed at Sensitive and reputed organization of your kind. We train them in all aspect of risk management covering the entire risk and vulnerabilities. Identifying the risk and acting in a very swift manner is the unique aspect of Cavalier Security so that each Security professional deployed is capable of handling minimum 3 security guards duty when it compared to ordinary and routine guarding services companies.

We are just not a Guarding Firm.
We are a 100% risk management company where we provide 100% risk mitigation solutions. The depth of training and professionalism what we bring in our services is un matchable in the country.

International Tie-Up for Security Training And Placement

We are a training partner with Security Office Career College Alberta Canada we have completed our first project of training 25 Indian national as CPO-Certified Protection Professional. All certified by IFPO, Naples Florida through an examination conducted by the team from USA at our office and out of 25 passed CPOs 15 of them have been placed in Canada as Protection Officers and the rest have joined various MNCs in India as Security professional in the senior capacity. The project is on going and expanding.


We have the countries No 1 world class certified security professionals as our management team. Certified Security Consultants and international qualified experts. Our management teams are trained regularly by ASIS international, VA, USA at various plat forms in US where the latest technologies, Global threat trends are discussed, taught and solution designed for protection. Our company believes security changes at the speed of change and hence the need of getting equipped and up dated regularly there by commanding No 1 position in India when it comes to providing 100% risk mitigation solutions.

What we provide other than Guarding Personnel.
We have the connectivity with the latest security technologies solution companies in the world and we help organization to choose the right kind of Access control system, detection system, surveillance system, fire and safety systems as per the need of the organization so that with least expenses organization gain the maximum.

Special Services.
We will conduct regular training at your location where we provide guarding services and we invite the organization members to attend these training including the top management because our training is high level. It would help to increase the productivity and the image of the organization many fold.

We are not a cost centre we, are a value add.
The over all aim of our services is not to be a cost centre for the organization but a value add for the organization, its client and customers.

  • We protect the organization.
  • Improve the image of the organization.
  • Help the organization to improve productivity.
  • We provide assurance, comfort and safety for the customers and client.
  • We contribute to the un-interrupted function of the organization even during crisis by being the major role player of the company BCP.
  • We spread discipline punctuality and mutual support system.
  • We increase the profitability of the organization by being value added on many accounts.

What We Do

Our deployed personnel are fully equipped and trained on CPR and they work as a life saving team whenever there is an emergency case of health risk like heart attack…. etc in the organization. In the past we had saved many lives of corporate individuals where our trained personnel are deployed.

Should you need any clarifications kindly give me a call I shall be happy to address the issue personally.

We assure quality and professional guarding services to your esteemed organization to your fullest satisfaction. We are hopeful that you would give our organization an opportunity to serve your esteemed organization please.

We are just not a guarding services firm; we are a complete risk management company providing 100% risk mitigation solution to the organization by being a VALUE ADDED to the client.